Unpopular Popular Hipster Bars in Brooklyn to Check Out

Brooklyn’s population consists of plenty of hipsters, and we all know hipsters love bars. But just anyone finds the most popular hipster bars with a simple search here and there. Only the most dedicated patrons find the hot spots that haven’t heated up yet, the soon to be top locales that sit at the bottom of the rung today. No one wants to go to the places that everyone else already knows about. Thus, finding the spots that do not own the popularity of other watering holes yet, but will soon enough, presents the task at hand.

Perhaps it’s a bar with an arcade in the middle of a hidden alley. Maybe it’s a bar featuring the newest beers that even the breweries didn’t know released to the public yet. Regardless of the reasoning, the best hipster bars sit just around the corner from you in Brooklyn. You just need to know where to look. With that in mind, let’s look at the most Unpopular Popular Hipster Bars found in Brooklyn.

The Most Unpopular Popular Hipster Bars in Brooklyn

No Name Bar-

No, we are not tricking you here and sending you to a bar that doesn’t exist. This bar sports the unique title of “No Name Bar” to appeal to the hipster crowd. Currently, it works as a no name on the Brooklyn scene, but it deserves far more credit. The No Name Bar owns no sign-up front, so you would not catch it with your naked eye. However once inside, you will love what they do.

No Name Bar fancies itself as a divey, no frills hipster bar and lounge in Greenpoint. Featuring some of the best Thai food in Brooklyn, the Bar also boasts plenty of unpopular drinks that can make even the strongest critics sing. Simply show up to the locale and find the small crowd gathering outside, then walk in and experience the magic.

Larry Lawrence

One of Williamsburg’s hidden treasures, Larry Lawrence displays something every hipster dreams of. Yep, this hipster bar’s got a balcony with a view of the city. Showing itself off as dimly lit, stylish, and sleek, Larry Lawrence deserves far more credit on the Brooklyn scene. Yet Larry Lawrence lacks plenty of attention because of the mystery surrounding the place. Rather than a flashy sign inviting customers inside, Larry Lawrence opts not to show off their existence. Instead, it is up to you to find them, then you to give them a try. They won’t ask you to come in, they’ll expect you to come in once you find the place. The atmosphere is divine, and the drinks are even better.

The Narrows

Perhaps we can best explain what The Narrows is all about by citing their Facebook page. When you see “one talking about this” it doesn’t exactly scream “popular place you must check out.” The Narrows is a place that must be seen, as they own muted lighting, craft beer & a late-night menu of upscale eats. This combination proves to be delightful, in addition to the calm and quiet ambiance of the location. When you look outside of the bar, you’d hardly think it’s a bar at all. All of your rightful questions about the bar will be answered once you step in and give it a shot. We highly suggest giving The Narrows a chance for your hipster bar selection.

61 Local

Perhaps you find yourself seeking out a more homey, low-key atmosphere for you and your friends. A location with quiet crowds, tables built for wireless internet usage as much as it is for the finest craft beers. If this is what you seek, look no further than 61 Local. Found in the heart of Bergen Street, 61 Local manages to maintain a quiet crowd, yet a fun atmosphere. On any given night a musician or poet entertains the crowd enjoying their craft beers and fine eats. The place does not hold too many people, making it a relaxing spot for those looking to get away. Found in a former carriage house, the overall display of this hipster bar will leave you wishing you found out about it sooner.


Let’s be real here; everyone loves some Italian food. Even if you are the staunchest of hidden location supporters, in the end, you will one day find yourself wanting a nice Italian meal. In that case, you must not give up your quest to find the perfect hipster bar. Fitzcarraldo provides you with the best of both worlds. Owning an intimate setting in a quiet location, Fitzcarraldo’s Italian food will bring you back to the days of Sunday home cooked family feats. Additionally, Fitzcarraldo boasts a variety of cocktails that will leave you wondering when you’ll try one you don’t like (never) and why the place isn’t firmly on the Brooklyn map. Make it your own and enjoy the various treats and drinks in this hidden gem.