When it comes to luxury living, there are a handful of locations that immediately jump to people’s minds, and happily, Brooklyn, which is one of the most desired boroughs, is a part of that group. 

For decades, the most populated borough was traditionally known for its diverse neighborhoods, including many industrial areas, iconic landmarks (i.e The Brooklyn Bridge), artistic communities, and vibrant culture. While these distinct characteristics are still embedded into the heart of the city, Brooklyn is now seeing a surge in luxury living. 


Brooklyn’s allure as a desirable destination for luxury living has grown due to its proximity to Manhattan, affordable alternatives to New York City’s high costs, and a more laid-back atmosphere. The borough now attracts upscale real estate developments and offers a range of exclusive amenities, adding to its appeal.


Brooklyn’s rise in luxury living can be attributed, in part, to the changing demographics of its residents. Over the past decade, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals have all made their way over, driven by the borough’s thriving arts scene, array of restaurants, and lower housing costs compared to Manhattan. 


As these people begin to find success and expand their wealth, the demand for living space to meet their evolving lifestyle has fueled the luxury housing market. 


To accommodate the increasing demand for luxury living, real estate developers have embarked on projects that redefine the infamous Brooklyn skyline. 

High-rise condominiums, sleek townhouses, and modern apartment complexes that offer residents a wide range of amenities, including rooftop pools, fitness centers, at your fingertips shopping, and breathtaking views of Manhattan, provide residents with everything they’re looking for and more. 


These types of developments not only provide luxury living spaces but also contribute to the aesthetic and revitalization of many Brooklyn neighborhoods which all live up to the hype. Areas  such as Williamsburg, Park Slope, and DUMBO are all part of some of the best neighborhoods to put down roots. The more difficult question is which one to choose!


Beyond the beautiful residences, luxury living in Brooklyn is accompanied by a host of high-end amenities and services. Upscale restaurants, local coffee shops, exclusive boutiques, and gourmet grocery stores have emerged to cater to the residents moving into these high end luxury residences. 


The presence of these businesses has helped transform this sought after borough into a destination where residents can enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle without sacrificing Brooklyn’s distinct character.  

Brooklyn is also rich in culture and its artistic heritage has played a crucial role in attracting residents seeking a vibrant and creative environment. The borough’s art galleries, theaters, music venues, and street art scenes have flourished alongside the rise of luxury living, blending luxury with cultural expression to create a unique and enriching experience. The infusion of wealth has provided financial support for artists, performers, and creatives, contributing to the borough’s continued artistic growth.


As the concept of luxury living evolves, there is a strong focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness. Developers in Brooklyn have embraced green building practices, incorporating energy-efficient technologies, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly infrastructure into their projects. The integration of green spaces, community gardens, and environmentally-friendly transportation options has made luxury living in Brooklyn synonymous with responsible urban living.


Brooklyn’s rise as a hub for luxury living represents a remarkable transformation that reflects the evolving desires and preferences of affluent residents. As the borough continues to attract a diverse range of professionals and creatives, the demand for high-end real estate and upscale amenities will likely persist. 


However, it is crucial to strike a balance between luxury development and preserving the unique character and affordability that initially attracted residents to Brooklyn. As the borough continues to evolve, the rise of luxury living must be accompanied by investments in infrastructure, community programs, and affordable housing initiatives to ensure a harmonious and inclusive future for all residents.


Neighborhoods that were once overlooked have now experienced a revitalization and are attracting high-end developers and upscale retailers. The increasing demand for these types of properties has prompted developers to create a diverse range of high-end residences, bringing opportunities for new businesses to flourish in these areas.


The rise of luxury living in Brooklyn signifies a remarkable transformation, presenting a mix of style, comfort, and convenience that defines the new era of luxurious living in this dynamic borough.

Ten Hope Garden, Williamsburg

As New York City slowly continues moving forward in re-opening, residents in the five boroughs have been doing their best to enjoy these summer days. After a couple of long months indoors, for the most part, people seem ready to venture out.


This doesn’t mean ditching the masks or attending large gatherings, but instead finding ways to enjoy the things we loved doing pre-COVID while continuing to put safety first. And while not all post-pandemic activities have returned, there are still ways in which residents can go out, enjoy a meal, listen to some music or even catch a movie while showing local businesses some love.


Despite the fact that indoor dining remains on hold indefinitely, restaurant owners have turned creative in converting their outdoor areas into a big, or in some cases small, dining room. Between taking over sidewalks, parking lots and courtyard space, restauranteurs are doing their best to provide customers with the opportunity to once again enjoy some of their favorite cuisine.


Up until recently, there wasn’t an option to dine-out, but many of our favorite spots are finding ways to “make it work”. Diners are ready to take a break from the endless baking and cooking and head out to enjoy time outdoors while supporting their favorite eateries.


Now when it comes to finding places to eat, Brooklyn has no shortage of restaurants. From well-known spots to hidden gems, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a great lunch spot, an evening out, or even a weekend brunch, we’ve got you covered. Many places are on a first come first serve basis while some restaurants still require reservations, so be sure to check first before venturing out.

Fornino by Brooklyn Bridge Park

ForninoA view of the skyline serves as a beautiful backdrop for this waterfront eatery located at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Serving some of the best wood-fire pizza in NYC, the restaurant boasts outdoor seating for 100 and a rooftop happy hour Monday thru Friday from 4-7pm. In addition, the restaurant also has a location in Greenpoint where they offer seating in their backyard space which accommodates up to 24 people.


Ainslie – Located in Williamsburg, the Ainslie provides its customers with multiple outdoor dining options. Between the backyard garden, sidewalk seating, and the newly opened rooftop, there is plenty of seating options. An all you can drink brunch menu is available on weekends from 12-4pm.

Ten Hope Garden – Another great spot in Williamsburg is the Mediterranean inspired New American restaurant. Some features include a vine laced open-air patio where diners can enjoy dinner starting at 5pm weekdays and noon on weekends. With 2500 square feet to work with, there is plenty of space to socially distance while still enjoying a delicious meal.


Palo Santo – The Park Slope neighborhood is known for their beautiful Brownstones and this Pan-Latin restaurant resides in one of the many that line the area’s streets. Despite the limited sidewalk seating, Palo Santo boasts a beautiful, tented garden for seating out back. Along with serving dinner, brunch is available starting at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday.


Morgan’s Brooklyn BBQThis BBQ spot is not just a restaurant, it’s a destination! With choices like brisket, ribs, and pork smoked ‘low and slow’ in fire-burning pits, you just might think you’re in the Lone Star state, not Prospect Heights. This true neighborhood gem, which also cooks up seven different types of Mac and Cheese, offers safe-distance seating with outdoor picnic tables.


ParkLifeSituated in the heart of the Gowanus, Parklife offers not only the option to dine outside, but on Wednesday’s you can reserve a seat for their outdoor cinema series. ParkLife even offers ordering from your smartphone. You can start off your meal with one of their signature cocktails, including house margaritas and Aperol Spritz on tap. And now that summer’s here, frozen margaritas are another refreshing drink choice. As for the food, the dishes are inspired by Mexican, Parisian, and Texan flavors. To top off your meal, choose from a variety of their homemade desserts.


Outerspace – Tucked inside an industrial corner of Bushwick and 99 Scott, Outerspace offers a seasonal restaurant serving mostly vegetarian-American cuisine. Due to the fact all events were put on hold, the co-founders decided to incorporate food as a way to bring people together. The 6500 square foot space holds up to 126 guests and is filled with umbrellas, picnic tables, and a multitude of potted plants, making you feel like you’re in a tropical garden. The unique space is a great spot for people to get together, eat, drink, and have fun.

Ainslie, Willamsburg

Though going to the movies has been put on hold the Skyline Drive, a photo and filming location in Greenpoint, is providing people with a unique drive-in cinema experience. Spots are on a first come first serve basis, but tickets can be purchased online. The movies playing are classics, some more recent than others, but there’s something for everyone. In an effort to keep the movie tradition alive, you can choose to watch the movie from inside your car (sound is through your car radio or from one of their rentable radios) and for anyone who has those movie snack cravings, food trucks are located on-site.


Along with dining out or catching a flick, local beaches, boardwalks, waterfronts, parks, and zoos, are a few additional outdoor options to consider when looking for different ways to enjoy summer days. Although summer travel plans have been put on hold for many people, now is a great time to get outside and explore your city.

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