Remsen Village

While Remsen Village often flies under the radar, this subsection of the larger East Flatbush neighborhood has much to offer prospective residents. Nestled among tree-lined streets, those that make Remsen Village home can benefit from its diverse population, strong community services, and up-and-coming status.

Remsen Village Real Estate

As a tiny enclave in the East Flatbush neighborhood, Remsen Village is fairly homogenous in its residences. Set against the backdrop of green streets, much of this microneighborhood is characterized by three-story brick walk-ups divided into multiple apartments with some detached rowhouses offering duplexes. Home values in Remsen Village remain in line with greater East Flatbush, with the median value of Remsen Village real estate standing at $499,500 last year.

Diverse Population Reflected in the Neighborhood’s Restaurants
Like the rest of East Flatbush, Remsen Village is distinguished by strong diversity in its population, with recent immigrant populations hailing from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Haiti adding to older influxes of Italians and African-Americans. This intense variety of peoples within the neighborhood provides Remsen Village’s residents with a wide range of successful ethnic restaurants, from the Caribbean flavors of Suede to the Haitian cuisine of Family Altagracia Caribbean Cuisine to the traditional Trinidadian offerings of Roti-R-Us.

Easy Access to Important Neighborhood Amenities

As an enclave of the larger East Flatbush neighborhood, the residents of Remsen Village have convenient access to a number of important services and amenities. Two renowned hospitals, Kings County Hospital and SUNY Downstate Medical Center with Brooklyn’s only medical school, serve East Flatbush’s residents. The greater neighborhood area is also home to a number of schools, including Samuel J. Tilden High School, Nazareth Regional High School, and St. Francis of Assisi School.

Remsen Village:Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

Remsen Village is being carried along with the rest of East Flatbush in a wave of renovation and revitalization. As recently noted by the New York Times, a number of young families are pouring in from Manhattan and other areas of Brooklyn, taking advantage of the currently low real estate prices. Following this influx, new coffee shops and retailers are popping up to meet the demand of Remsen Village and East Flatbush’s new residents. Overall, the atmosphere throughout the neighborhood is one of renewed interest.