Park Slope

Choosing a place to live in New York City can be stressful, but it’s rarely often than a person can find family friendly living without the traffic and headaches of the city. Thankfully, times have changed as New York City has made all this possible within the Park Slope area. With this being said, we’re providing a look at Park Slope and a few of the excellent reasons why many choose this area for living.

About Park Slope

Park Slope is located across the gigantic Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It is bounded by Fourth Avenue, Flatbush, and the shifting line around 15th Street. To get to Park Slope by train, you’ll need to use the G or F train and get off at 7th Avenue. If the train system isn’t for you, there’s plenty of options for transportation due to it being a highly accessible location in Brooklyn.

Things To Do In Park Slope

Being so close to Manhattan, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Park Slope or the surrounding areas. Such things to visit in Park Slope are:

  • Prospect Park – As far as the weather goes, you’ll be able to experience winter, spring, summer, and fall in full glory at Prospect Park. Designed by the same team responsible for Manhattan’s Central Park, Prospect Park features attractions year round. Prospect Park offers Lakeside in the winter, which is an indoor and outdoor rink built for ice skating.For summer activities, there’s the Prospect Park Zoo. This happens to be Brooklyn’s only natural forest (with the amazing Long Meadow) and it includes a dog beach. In addition to this, the park is also the site of Celebrate Brooklyn!, where acts such as Talib Kweli, Ben Folds Five, and David Byrne have performed in the past.
  • Shopping, Eating, & Drinking – The wide variety of shopping, eating, and drinking spots in Park Slope would take much more than a few visits to truly enjoy what they have to offer. Whether it be large or small business, you’ll find whatever piques your interest at any given time. Park Slope is also in development for becoming “the other Fifth Avenue” when it comes to local business and attractions.

Park Slope Real Estate

Park Slope real estate has so much to offer… regardless if you’re single or with family in tow. The non-stop events and endless amount of entertainment offer plenty of things to do if you plan on living in the Park Slope area. With Park Slope offering so much to the community, looking into Park Slope real estate may not be such a bad idea after all.