Old Mill Basin

Often considered to be part of a single neighborhood with the bordering Mill Basin, Old Mill Basin is a small but distinct neighborhood in southern Brooklyn with a character all its own. Ideal for prospective homebuyers who are looking for a truly residential neighborhood with an established history and a suburban atmosphere, Old Mill Basin has a number of amenities to offer its residents, including ample parks and green spaces and convenient access to plentiful shopping options.

Old Mill Basin Real Estate

Many of Old Mill Basin’s homes date to the two-decade period between 1920 and 1940. These partially-detached frame houses tend to sit on moderately-sized lots averaging 20 feet by 100 feet. Though dominated by single-family homes, the neighborhood does have some multifamily offerings. A few large low-rise co-op buildings are scattered throughout Old Mill Basin, as are some two- and three-family duplexes. The real estate in Old Mill Basin tends to be less expensive than in Mill Basin proper, with the median home value for Old Mill Basin real estate standing at approximately $350,000 last year. Finding the right home for rent for sale in Brooklyn neighborhoods doesn’t have to be difficult. We are the experts in Brooklyn real estate, and can help you find a home in Old Mill Basin!

Ample Parks and Green Spaces

Despite being a fairly small neighborhood, Old Mill Basin real estate offers its residents plenty of open green spaces. The two-acre James Marshall Power Playground has playing spaces for children and adults alike and holds adult softball league games during the summer, while the similarly-sized Monsignor Crawford Athletic Field features two baseball diamonds that host Little League games for the neighborhood’s children.

Quiet, Residential Neighborhood With a Suburban Atmosphere

With almost no commercial activity within the neighborhood itself, Old Mill Basin is known for its quietness and tranquility. The neighborhood’s streets are lined with old-growth trees, providing Old Mill Basin with a distinctly suburban atmosphere far removed from the activity of a busy city not far away.

Convenient Access to Plentiful Shopping

Though few businesses lie within the boundaries of Old Mill Basin itself, the neighborhood shares a border with Kings Plaza Shopping Center, providing Old Mill Basin’s residents with convenient access to plentiful shopping. As the largest shopping mall in the entire borough, Kings Plaza features over 120 stores and is anchored by Macy’s, Best Buy, Sears, Old Navy and H& M.