Ocean Hill

Are you looking for a growing and lively neighborhood in Brooklyn that is still grounded in a long and storied history? If so, Ocean Hill may be your ideal area. A smaller subsection of the larger Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, Ocean Hill is a booming up-and-coming sub-neighborhood that continues to attract new residents due to its easy access to a growing commercial district as well as its abundant public transportation options connecting the neighborhood to Manhattan and the rest of New York City.

Ocean Hill Real Estate

Ocean Hill is currently undergoing a widespread renovation and revitalization of its existing residences, resulting in many of the neighborhood’s brownstones being restored to their former glory. Some of these restored brownstones have been reverted to single-family residences, while two- and three-story multifamily buildings are also common throughout Ocean Hill. As of 2015, the median value of Ocean Hill real estate stood at approximately $500,000.

Ocean Hill Real Estate is Well-Connected to Multiple Modes of Public Transportation

Thanks to the neighborhood’s proximity to the Broadway Junction station at Fulton Street and Van Sinderen Avenue, Ocean Hill’s residents have easy access to the New York subway system’s A, C, J, L and Z trains, providing for a quick and convenient commute into Manhattan. Ocean Hill is also close to the East New York station on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) as well as the B20, B25, B83, Q24 and Q56 bus lines.

Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

Thanks to a record low crime rate and relatively inexpensive real estate, Ocean Hill is in middle of a massive revitalization with many ongoing renewal projects. In recent years, the neighborhood’s blighted housing projects have been shuttered and are scheduled to be rebuilt, while many previously abandoned brownstones have been fully renovated and turned into desirable and in-demand residences. Trendy shops are also beginning to open, signaling a renewed commercial interest in the neighborhood as well.

Easy Access to Growing Commercial District

Ocean Hill Real Estate consists of Rockaway Avenue, which bisects the Ocean Hill neighborhood, and has seen significant recent growth in commercial activity. Throughout the neighborhood, clothing boutiques, art galleries, cafes, wine bars and restaurants are popping up, spurred on by the general sense of renewal throughout Ocean Hill.