Mill Island

Often regarded as Brooklyn’s Park Avenue, the waterfront neighborhood of Mill Island–the peninsular region of the larger Mill Basin neighborhood–is one of the wealthiest in the entire borough. Prospective homebuyers looking for large, unique residences with high ceilings and lush gardens are drawn to Mill Island, but the neighborhood has much more to offer potential residents than just its architecture; between Mill Island’s beautiful waterfront views and easy water access, its idyllic atmosphere and its family-oriented community with top schools, the neighborhood of Mill Island is one of the best places in Brooklyn to call home.

Mill Island Real Estate

Mill Island is one of Brooklyn’s most affluent neighborhoods and features some of the borough’s most impressive and beautiful mansions. Because Mill Island is bordered on three sides by the Mill Basin/Mill Island Inlet, many of the neighborhood’s homes enjoy fantastic views of the water with private docks. Newer construction is common particularly along the waterfront as older, smaller homes built after World War II have been replaced with new larger houses, while homes in the neighborhood’s interior streets tend to remain older and smaller. As of 2016, the median value of Mill Island real estate stood at $690,750.

Beautiful Waterfront Views with Private Dock Access

Because Mill Island is set on a peninsula, many of the neighborhood’s homes benefit from beautiful water views and access to Jamaica Bay via private docks. Residents who enjoy boating, jet skiing, and fishing can indulge in their hobbies without needing to leave their neighborhood.

Quiet, Idyllic Atmosphere

Mill Island’s low level of commercial activity and its tree-lined streets help contribute to the neighborhood’s quiet and idyllic atmosphere. The lot sizes throughout Mill Island tend to be quite large, often measuring 50 feet by 100 feet; this spaciousness plays a part in adding to the tranquility of the neighborhood.

Mill Island Real Estate: Family-Oriented Community With Top Schools

Mill Island is well-known for offering a family-centric atmosphere, and it is common to see children riding their bikes up and down the neighborhood’s tree-lined streets. Mill Island’s zoned elementary school, P.S. 236, rates extremely highly among zoned schools across the city, as does the Roy H. Mann Intermediate School located along the neighborhood’s border.If you are looking for the best home for you or your family, then you’re sure to find the perfect home for you. Use our listings to find the perfect home. If you’re unable to find exactly what you’re looking for, call us! One of our agents will be able to help you find the perfect piece of Mill Island Real Estate!