Mill Basin

Green spaces, walking tree-lined streets, bike riding on same, and plenty of water for boating and water sports sounds like a great place to live. Mill Basin real estate offers all this and more to home seekers. Choose between mid-century modern homes, town homes or mansions. You can live in quirky homes or traditional homes. Choose between waterfront homes or homes with green space nearby. On the high end of the charm scale, Mill Basin has a lot to offer.

Mill Basin Real Estate Statistics

Sales of Mill Basin real estate averaged $830,000 for the second quarter. Rents topped out at $3,750. Knowing these facts in addition to the quality of the schools and the crime statistics help home searchers compare areas of interest. Mill Basin schools are among the finest in the state, with test scores rivaling the best in the country. Crime happens, but not as much as in other parts of the county. Mill Basin residents are usually 45 years of age, commute to work by bus or car, have a college education and are married. There is a respectable amount of young persons in Mill Basin. Waterfront homes run into the millions, with architecture embracing everything from classical Greek or Roman to custom-built homes. Boats grace the docks, and Bentleys attract the looks of passersby.

Mill Basin Real Estate History

Mill Basin real estate began as a swampy island at the end of Mill Avenue. Mill Basin stretches from the mainland to a peninsular area. The original owner of much of the land was Jan Martense Schenck. His house on East 63rd Street was dismantled and re-assembled years later in the Brooklyn Museum. When the Indians sold the island in the 1600s, people built mills on it. The Industrial Revolution happened to the island shortly thereafter, with warehouses lining the streets.

The mid-1900s saw residential building, with frame houses or brick bungalows in addition to 6,000 square foot mansions built by Russian and European nobility. The wealthy and elite built up the neighborhood, and it remains so today. Some home seekers buy older lots, destroy the house on it and rebuild to their standards. For residents, the half-moon shaped land surrounded by water resembles Florida. Many lots have private swimming pools in addition to dock space for boats.

Mill Basin Real Estate Amenities

Three large parks give Mill Basin homeowners room to picnic and play, three movie theaters offer homeowners their masterworks, while the Bergen Beach Yacht Club gives homeowners a place to dock their boats and socialize with peers. Libraries, shopping and fine dining are within five minutes of home.