Marine Park

Are you on the search for a neighborhood that offers all the benefits of the suburbs within the city limits of Brooklyn? If so, look no further than Marine Park. Located in southern Brooklyn, Marine Park provides its residents with a wide variety of amenities, including sprawling green spaces, ample entertainment options for all ages and a quiet suburban atmosphere in proximity to midtown Manhattan.

Marine Park Real Estate

Known for its quiet residential nature, Marine Park remains one of the last neighborhoods in Brooklyn where homes with porches, garages and backyards remain widely available. While Marine Park does feature some small apartment buildings and townhomes, the majority of the neighborhood’s residences are attached and detached one-family homes, often either Tudor style or brick. As of 2015, the median sales price for Marine Park real estate stood at $560,000.

Marine Park Features Sprawling Green Spaces

Marine Park is Brooklyn’s largest public park and the neighborhood’s namesake. With 530 acres of sprawling salt marshes and grassland, Marine Park offers residents of the neighborhood easy access to some of the borough’s most beautiful natural sites and varieties of wildlife. In addition, the park has a wide range of athletic amenities, from cricket fields and bocce courts to baseball diamonds and even a golf course. Younger Marine Park Real Estate residents have access to multiple playgrounds and the park’s Salt Marsh Nature Center.

Ample Entertainment Options

Besides its abundant green spaces, walking trails and playing fields, Marine Park provides the residents of its neighborhood with a number of exciting entertainment options. Every summer, the park plays hosts to a concert series; last year’s concerts ranged from Beatles and Rolling Stones cover bands to groups playing a range of Oldies classics. For the neighborhood’s younger residents, Marine Park offers a number of science and wildlife classes, teaching everything from astronomy to animal tracking.

A Bit of Suburbia Within the City Limits

Well-known for its predominantly residential streets lined with trees and dotted with front-yard gardens, Marine Park Real Estate is an ideal neighborhood for those looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. While the bordering Flatbush Avenue provides ample shopping options, Marine Park’s interior streets are quiet and tranquil with a reputation for being well-kept and clean.