Manhattan Beach

As a former resort area dating back to the 19th century, Manhattan Beach has a long-standing reputation for opulent leisure. Surrounded by water on three sides, residences in this neighborhood are in high demand and tend not to stay on the market for very long. Potential homebuyers are drawn to Manhattan Beach due to its beautiful parks and beaches, its family-oriented community and its quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

Manhattan Beach Real Estate

Manhattan Beach is characterized by large, often-glamorous two-story houses featuring well-manicured lawns and spectacular ocean views. Homes in this neighborhood tend to be spread out, providing residents with plenty of space for large front yards, backyards, and driveways. The desirability of the Manhattan Beach neighborhood is reflected in its home values; the median value of Manhattan Beach real estate as of last year was $1.8 million.

Beautiful Parks and Beaches

As a former resort, it is no surprise that Manhattan Beach can boast stunning beaches and beautiful parks. The highlight of the neighborhood is the 43-acre Manhattan Beach Park, a quieter alternative to Coney Island’s crowded beaches. Manhattan Beach Park has plenty to offer all of its neighborhood’s residents; dog owners will enjoy its easy access for their four-legged friends, while children can frolic on either of the park’s two playgrounds. Locals of all ages can play on the park’s volleyball, basketball, tennis, and handball courts–and, of course, enjoy the pristine beaches.

Manhattan Beach Real Estate: A Family-Oriented Community

Manhattan Beach’s reputation as a family-oriented residential community is justly deserved, with children frequently spotted on walks in strollers, playing in large grassy front yards or visiting Manhattan Beach Park’s playgrounds, playing fields and beaches. With both an elementary school and a middle school in close proximity, the neighborhood’s children do not need to travel far for a quality education.

Quiet and Tranquil Atmosphere

Thanks to its almost complete lack of stores and a commercial district, residents of Manhattan Beach enjoy a quiet and tranquil atmosphere difficult to find in the rest of Brooklyn. While bustling shopping districts located in neighboring Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach are only minutes away, Manhattan Beach has been able to carve itself out as a residential sanctuary within a loud and busy city.