Lefferts Garden

As noted by the New York Times, Lefferts Garden–also called Prospect Lefferts Gardens–may be “Brooklyn’s best-kept secret.” New homebuyers on the search for an alternative to Prospect Heights and Park Slope are increasingly turning to Lefferts Garden and the neighborhood’s historic homes and new luxury condominiums. Thanks to recent new development, Lefferts Garden has emerged as a reenergized neighborhood whose residents benefit from its strong connection to public transportation and easy access to green spaces.

Lefferts Garden Real Estate

Lefferts Garden is a largely residential neighborhood characterized by a wide variety of homes and apartments. The neighborhood’s in-demand historic district of approximately 800 homes set among tree-lined streets features a range of architectural styles, from detached one-family Tudors to large shingled Victorians. Within the same neighborhood, many new condominiums have recently popped up, buoyed by Lefferts Garden’s developer-friendly rules. As of 2016, the median value of Lefferts Garden real estate stood at $1.34 million.

Reenergized Neighborhood

While Lefferts Garden is well-known for its historic district, the neighborhood is also going through a period of revitalization as numerous new luxury rental and condominium buildings spring up throughout the neighborhood. Developers have been drawn to Lefferts Garden thanks to the neighborhood’s development-friendly guidelines, with dozens of new projects in the works. As new buildings and Lefferts Garden Real Estate values go up, young families and professionals have moved in to reenergize the neighborhood.

Leffert Gardens: Well-Connected to Public Transportation

The residents of Lefferts Garden benefit from the neighborhood’s strong connection to the city’s public transportation systems, with stops on the 2, 5, B, Q and S subway lines and the B12, B16, B41, B43, B44, B48 and B49 bus routes located within the neighborhood. Thanks to these multiple public transportation options, commute times from Lefferts Garden to Midtown Manhattan are an easy 45 minutes on weekdays.

Easy Access to Beautiful Green Spaces

Thanks to its shared border with Prospect Park, Lefferts Garden Real Estate residents have easy access to Brooklyn’s largest public park and its pathways, meadows, baseball diamonds, lake with pedal boats, tennis courts, basketball courts, and soccer fields. Prospect Park also offers residents of Lefferts Garden numerous entertainment options, from the free outdoor concerts held at the Prospect Park Bandshell in the summer to the many exhibits at the Prospect Park Zoo.