Interested in an on-the-rise neighborhood with ample amenities and a friendly community? Kensington Real Estate is centrally located in Brooklyn near Prospect Park and Flatbush; Kensington offers prospective residents a range of attractive features include an abundance of green spaces and walkways, a close-knit and family-oriented community with a suburban feel, and a dynamic and diverse population reflected in the neighborhood’s restaurants.

Kensington Real Estate

As a predominantly residential neighborhood, Kensington showcases a wide range of styles and structures among its homes and apartment buildings. Pre-war apartment buildings and recently constructed luxury condominiums account for the bulk of the neighborhood’s multi-family properties, while Kensington’s single-family residences run the gamut from detached Victorians to brick rowhomes to two-family shared houses with common yards and driveways. With Kensington’s growing popularity has come an increase in property values, with the median price for Kensington real estate standing at $807,000 as of last year.

Abundance of Green Spaces

Kensington offers its residents ample green spaces, from Ocean Parkway’s tree-lined walkways and bike paths to the neighborhood’s shared border with Prospect Park. The Kensington section of Ocean Parkway has been named part of the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway, while Prospect Park’s Parade Grounds with its baseball diamonds, soccer fields and tennis courts are a short walk from the Kensington entrance, as are the Park’s horseback riding stables and lake.

Suburban, Family-Oriented and Close-Knit

As a quiet and family-oriented neighborhood, it is common to see parents and children strolling up and down Kensington’s streets. Despite the neighborhood’s diversity, its predominantly residential nature has led Kensington to become known for being close-knit and suburban in feel. A network of families support the strong local schools, and Kensington has bred a reputation for being a community in which everyone knows each other.

Dynamic and Diverse Community

Kensington is well-known for its diversity, with a number of immigrant populations from around the world calling the neighborhood home. Thanks to its melting pot culture, Kensington features a variety of restaurants representing different cuisines, from a strip of eateries on Dahill Road, commonly referred to as “Little Bangladesh” to traditional Mexican cantinas to restaurants serving traditional Austrian food.