Located in southeast Brooklyn, the neighborhood of Homecrest strikes a perfect balance between the convenience of city life and the tranquility of suburban living. As an up-and-coming neighborhood, Homecrest Real Estate has a lot to offer families and young professionals looking for a new place to call home, from the neighborhood’s close proximity to several shopping districts to its suburban feel in the middle of the city to its easy access to public transportation.

Homecrest Real Estate

As a diverse neighborhood, Homecrest features a variety of single-family and multifamily residences. An easing in zoning restrictions in 2005 has led to an increase in condominium developments in the neighborhood. At the same time, a trend toward combining former two-family double-story homes into single-family houses has emerged, creating “mini-mansions.” Smaller single-story bungalows are also commonplace, as are adjoined brick rowhomes with shared driveways and backyards. Overall, the median value for Homecrest real estate stands at $639,000, well below the borough average.

Suburban Atmosphere

Thanks to Homecrest’s layout, the interior of the neighborhood is almost completely residential, providing residents with a suburban-like atmosphere bolstered by its parks and playgrounds. The 3.5-acre William E. Kelly Park and Kelly Playground at the center of the neighborhood provide Homecrest residents with ample park space and room to play, while Mellett Playground on Avenue V features basketball and handball courts in addition to a children’s playground.

Convenient Proximity to Shopping Districts

Though much of Homecrest is suburban in atmosphere, many of the neighborhood’s bordering streets are bustling shopping corridors. To the north, Kings Highway is densely packed with stores and restaurants, both locally-owned and chains. Coney Island Avenue along Homecrest’s eastern border offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and services. Slightly further out, the gigantic Kings Plaza Mall in neighboring Marine Park features 150 shops and a multiplex spanning 1.1 million square feet.

Easy Access to Public Transportation

The layout of public transportation within the neighborhood ensures that none of Homecrest’s residents are far from a train or bus line. The Q and B subway lines run right through the center of the neighborhood, and Homecrest’s border streets are served by almost a dozen local and express buses, several of which further link residents to the D, F, and N subway lines.

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