Fort Greene

Fort Greene is a neighborhood tucked in the New York City borough of Brooklyn and ripe with historical significance. In addition to the fabulous Fort Greene park, culturally significant institutions such as Brooklyn Academy of Music and the former Paul Robeson Theatermake their home in this slice of the Big Apple. For a tiny taste of the town, keep reading below!


As early as 800 A.D., Native Americans were calling the Brooklyn area their home. The first European settlers came to the area in 1637 when Joris Jansen Rapelje purchased a large tract of 335 acres from the natives. The “fort” of Fort Greene was built during the Revolutionary War by General Nathanael Greene, although it was originally called Fort Putnam. It served as a base of operations for the American Military through the War of 1812. The fort was fell into disrepair after the second war with the British, and the middle of the 19th century saw the arrival of urban development as the area was folded into the rest of Brooklyn.

The Park

The eponymous Fort Greene Park sits in the heart of the beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood. After Fort Putnam was finally torn down, the land was repurposed into the park that resides there to this day. Walt Whitman of poetry fame played a significant role in having the section turned into a park. The beautiful turf is filled with a myriad selection of sports areas for basketball and tennis alongside lush greenery and towering trees set in the meandering slopes of the park. It is used frequently for local community events in addition to being a great spot to spend a relaxing morning walk or to share a date with a special someone. The entire park is also equipped with a free Wi-Fi service so you can relax in the comfort of nature without giving up your modern convenience or racking up massive data charges.

Modern Fort Greene Real Estate and Housing Opportunities

The bulk of the buildings in the neighborhood hearkens back to the middle of the 19th century when the area was first turned into a residential district. There are also a number of high-rise buildings that have cropped up in recent years. Houses along Dekalb Avenue and Myrtle Avenue will be slightly more competitive in their pricing due to their proximity to subway entrances and Fort Greene Park.

The average Fort Greene Real Estate listing price for a home was $1.6 million. Median prices for sold homes for just under $1 million, or 13% more compared to the greater Brooklyn area. Price per square foot is also higher for Fort Greene, but the nearly 20% drop in current prices as compared to last year makes this a great time to purchase real estate in the region.

Make Fort Greene Your Home

There’s no better part of New York City than the one surrounding the historic Fort Greene Park. If you’re looking for Fort Greene Real Estate or the greater Brooklyn area, stop by Brooklyn MLS for the most in-depth list of available properties.