Coney Island

If you are searching for information on Coney Island real estate, you have come to the right place. With a population of 22,764, thousands of New Yorkers make Coney Island their home. Coney Island’s boundaries run from Ocean Parkway to the Sea Gate and then from the Belt Parkway to the waterfront. You know that it’s a favorite place for tourists to visit, but there is a lot more to Coney Island real estate than just the boardwalk, amusement parks, and Nathan’s hotdogs.

Coney Island Real Estate: Living in Coney Island

Coney Island is an urban neighborhood largely comprised of small to medium sized apartment complexes or high-rises and townhomes. In Coney Island, the median rental price is $1,391.00, while the average real estate price is $353,103.00, based on marked analysis. That median rent is lower than approximately 50% of the rent in New York Neighborhoods.

Coney Island Real Estate: Attractions and Entertainment in Coney Island

For those who enjoy pop culture, learning, and access to all the latest novels, the Coney Island Library and Coney Island USA, a museum, will be great places to visit regularly or really get involved. The Coney Island Library is a beautiful building that was rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy, with an incredible ceiling which incorporates planks from the boardwalk that was destroyed during the storm. Coney Island USA is located in the heart of Coney Island and operates a multi-arts center for the city. At Coney Island USA, visitors can experience the history of American pop culture through performances and creative exhibitions.

Coney Island Real Estate: Sports in Coney Island

If you enjoy watching or participating in extreme sports, you’ll be glad to know there’s no lack in Coney Island: Xcite Wrestling shows, roller derby, and parachute jumps to name but a few. For sports lovers who don’t need quite as much excitement, there’s plenty for you to do too: ice skating every winter in the arena; swimming and sunning at Brighton beach in warm weather (or joining the Coney Island Polar Bear club if you want to take an icy dip in the winter); and attending ball games.

Baseball fans will enjoy going to MCU Park to watch the minor league baseball team, The Brooklyn Cyclones. MCU Park is near the famous boardwalk and also serves as a venue for other events and entertainment in Coney Island. Residents can even go for a beer after the game, as Coney Island has their very own brewing facility, Coney Island Brewing Company.

Coney Island Real Estate: The Future

The city has plans to develop nearly 20 blocks in Coney Island, with most of the development planned for housing on vacant lots near the amusement area. There is a potential there for more than 5,000 housing units. Infrastructure improvements are also happening, with $180 million devoted to this area.