Cobble Hill

In the lovely Cobble Hill neighborhood, you’ll find streets lined with brownstones along with unique shopping opportunities, cafes and historic businesses. The area also is home to one of New York City’s largest French communities and, along with Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill, is known as BoCoCa.

Purchasing Cobble Hill real estate can be pricey: A one-bedroom apartment averages around $500,000, while renting an apartment of similar size will cost between approximately $1,800 and $2,200. The neighborhood includes numerous 19th-century homes, part of the Cobble Hill Historic District.

About Cobble Hill Real Estate

Although the neighborhood historically was populated by a large number of Italian families, Cobble Hill today includes approximately 40 square blocks inhabited by a diverse populace. With attractive brownstones, historical buildings and a half-acre park, Cobble Hill serves as a compelling location for a visit or for living.

The neighborhood is roughly delineated by Degraw Street to the south and Atlantic Avenue to the north, and it stretches east-west between Smith Street and Hicks Street. Cobble Hill shares its borders with the neighborhoods of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens.

For transportation throughout the city, residents and visitors can grab F and G subway trains at the Bergen Street Station. In addition, a number of city buses serve the neighborhood.

Throughout its early history, the area currently known as Cobble Hill was viewed as part of the Sixth Ward or Brooklyn Heights. The name “Cobble Hill” was used beginning in the late 1950s.

Things to do in Cobble Hill

Spending an afternoon at Cobble Hill Park gives visitors a great feel for this historic neighborhood. After the sun sets, many locals show up at the historic Cobble Hill Cinema to watch a current blockbuster or indie film on the large screen.

Due to its sizeable community of residents from France, Cobble Hill specializes in French Cuisine at a number of restaurants. The area also includes many neighborhood bars featuring specialty cocktails and draft beers to go along with traditional pub menus. The neighborhood also is home to one of New York’s oldest butcher shops.

Individuals who purchase Cobble Hill real estate can enjoy a number of food tours that include the neighborhood. For example, the “Brooklyn Pizza Walk” provides participants the opportunity to indulge in authentic Neapolitan pizza along with tender, thin-crust pies.

Shopping also serves as a highlight of Cobble Hill attractions. With many interesting, small shops, the neighborhood attracts a variety of shoppers looking for clothing and accessories. Cobble Hill is home to the only Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn, and the bookshop BookCourt is a favorite of locals as well.

Cobble Hill: Great cuisine, shopping, entertainment, history

Cobble Hill real estate may not suit every budget. But those who can afford it will enjoy residing near spectacular dining, historic sights, numerous entertainment options and unique shopping.