Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn is an upscale neighborhood in northern Brooklyn with a population of 34,791. The neighborhood is known for its historical charm and more recent gentrification efforts, which have drawn many artists, craftsmen and other professionals to the area.

Types of Real Estate in Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill is home to a wide range of property types. Older row houses are in abundance in this neighborhood, but there are also apartment complexes and small apartment buildings around. Many row houses in Clinton Hill have a distinctive charm due to their traditional brick exteriors, while other row houses feature brownstone-style architecture. Among these row houses and apartment buildings are spacious, historic mansions that offer upscale living.

Home Sizes in the Clinton Hill Real Estate Market

Homes on the Clinton Hill Real Estate market range in size from one bedroom apartments to mansions with four or more bedrooms. Families and individuals alike can find plenty of properties to choose from, including Clinton Hill’s row houses, which typically have a minimum of two bedrooms. Row houses with three or four bedrooms can also be found for those who are interested in living with roommates or for those with larger families. Those who only need one bedroom homes can find apartment buildings and apartment complexes that offer this size, including lofts built from former warehouses.

Age of Homes in Clinton Hill

Many of the homes in the Clinton Hill area are older, although newer apartment buildings have been built in recent years. The oldest buildings, which include mansions, some apartment buildings and row houses, typically date back to the early 20th century. A few of the buildings are even older, such as the Charles Millard Pratt House, which was built in the late 1800s. Several row houses have been remodeled and updated over the past few decades, making them more suitable to live in. Clinton Hill’s variety of architecture, both old and new, offers something for everyone, whether they prefer a home with vintage charm or a more modern building with all updated features.

Clinton Hill Locations

Clinton Hill’s convenient location offers easy access to several surrounding areas, as well as Manhattan. Its northern part lies along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which provides residents with a quick way to reach lower Manhattan. The northern part of the neighborhood also makes it easy for residents to get to Queens and local airports. Williamsburg’s art galleries, shops and restaurants are just minutes from the northeastern section of Clinton Hill, while those who work in nearby Bedford-Stuyvesant can easily reach this area from the neighborhood’s eastern edge. Atlantic Avenue on Clinton Hill’s south side offers convenient access to the southern sections of Brooklyn.