From historic townhomes with spacious back yards to recently renovated single-family houses, you’ll find a wide variety available in Bushwick real estate. Home to a mostly middle-class population, Bushwick currently is seeing an influx of hip, art-loving young people.

Newcomers are flocking to former warehouses in the area of the Morgan Avenue L stop, and families are moving in around Knickerbocker Avenue. Many new residents are coming from Manhattan and Williamsburg, bringing with them an increasing demand for more shopping and services.

While New York neighborhoods don’t have official boundaries, Bushwick is generally delineated by Broadway to the southwest, Queens to the northeast, Flushing Avenue to the north and the Cemetery of the Evergreens to the southeast.

A community of artists

Many people looking for homes in Bushwick are part of the neighborhood’s flourishing community of artists, which has played a central role in Bushwick for a number of years. The area features dozens of galleries and art studios scattered on various streets, and several open studio programs assist the public in visiting these compelling art spaces. The artists of Bushwick’s thriving arts scene display their creations throughout the neighborhood in private galleries and other spaces, while numerous websites promote the neighborhood and its art-related events.

About Bushwick Real Estate

Bushwick real estate includes a variety of residence types, including apartment buildings that can accommodate six families, along with townhouses that are home to two or three families. Many buildings are more than 75 years old, and more than 90 percent are within a short walk of a park. More than 97 percent of residences are within a half-mile walk of a subway entry point.

The northern and western sides of Bushwick remain somewhat industrial, but areas near Knickerbocker Avenue include a number of picturesque, traditional row houses. Bushwick real estate near the Morgan Avenue L stop features numerous industrial lofts, including many with an unfinished feel that attracts young artists. Traditional apartments are available at reasonable prices in the area below Flushing Avenue.

Bushwick attractions

Along with the growing art gallery scene, Bushwick offers a number of dining, shopping and entertainment options. Visitors to Bushwick find that they can spend a full day exploring the sights and sounds of the neighborhood.

After dining at a choice of venues, visitors can spend time at Maria Hernandez Park, featuring basketball and handball courts, playgrounds, spray showers and plenty of lush, green space. After a rest, a night of dancing and live music can fill out an action-packed day in Bushwick.

Take a walk through Bushwick

To experience the full flavor of the thriving arts scene that is Bushwick, plan to spend a day strolling through the neighborhood’s streets and parks. As you sample the enticing food, you also may develop a taste for Bushwick real estate.