Boerum Hill

Boerum Hills was traditionally a working class neighborhood. However, 21st-century gentrification has caused Boerum Hill real estate to soar in popularity. Today these are some of the most in-demand New York homes, and it is not hard to see why. The neighborhood features beautiful homes and is conveniently located right outside Manhattan.

Boerum Homes

Boerum Hill real estate is mostly made up of townhomes. Many of the exquisite townhomes were built in the 19th century, giving Boerum Hills a traditional Brooklyn Brownstone look and feel.

The neighborhood used to be characterized by its many empty spaces. This is rapidly changing. New homes are consistently being built to meet the Boerum Hill real estate demand. Homeowners have the option to buy a brand new home, which is difficult to find in the NYC area.

Convenient Location

Boerum Hill real estate offers convenience. The neighborhood is a 10-15 minute subway ride to Manhattan. It is also a safe 10-minute walk to the water, providing breathtaking views of Manhattan. Within 15 minutes, residents are able to walk to many of Brooklyn’s most coveted attractions. Boerum Hill’s proximity to Manhattan and other destination spots makes it an attractive place to dwell.

The Boerum Hill Charm

Many residents were first attracted to Boerum Hill real estate because of its proximity to Manhattan but soon fall in love with the neighborhood’s charm. It is an urban neighborhood with a residential feel. The neighborhood has some of New York City’s best restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Many of the shops are privately owned, providing specialized products and personalized service.

Boerum Hill is also an art center. Artists flock in droves to popular Boerum Hill real estate. Some of this art can be seen at The Invisible Dog, one of New York’s most notable art centers. Other cultural hot spots include:

• Roulette
• Issue Project Room
• Bam

You can always find something to keep you entertained, without even leaving the neighborhood.

Brooklyn MLS

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