Bensonhurst Real Estate – About Bensonhurst

The multiethnic neighborhood of Bensonhurst Real Estate is one has to see to believe. Being surrounded by Bath Beach, Gravesend, Midwood, Flatbush, Borough Park, and Dyker Heights, it makes Bensonhurst one of the rapidly growing neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Known as Little Italy and Chinatown, Bensonhurst is on the rise with approximately 151,000 people inhabiting the area.

The average sale cost of a home in Bensonhurst is $647,500, which is a decline of $132,500 in comparison to last quarter. This number is a bit lower than typical housing in Brooklyn, as the average cost of buying a home in the area is around a million dollars.

Bensonhurst History

Many Italian and Jewish citizens moved to the area in the early 1900s, but by the time the 1950s rolled along the Jewish moved elsewhere and the Bensonhurst area became predominantly Italian. The current Italian population rounds off to about 20,000 according to a 2000 population study.

From the 1990s on, there was a large influx of USSR and Chinese natives settling into the Bensonhurst area. This led to a major cultural diversity shift to Bensonhurst area and led to such communities as:

  • Chinatown – A rapidly growing Chinese community in the Brooklyn area, Chinatown is serviced by the D train and has transfer to the N train. Many new stores are moving to the area and many of the have Chinese banks, salons, restaurants, and markets.
  • Little Italy – Little Italy is also located in Bay Ridge nearby Chinatown. Much like the Little Italy located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Little Italy in Bensonhurst in shrinking due to the rising Chinese population in the area.

Bensonhurst Real Estate – The Buildings

Most of the buildings in the Bensonhurst area are attached together or semi-attached to one another. Many of the completely detached buildings are located in the Dyker Heights area on the west side of Bensonhurst. The homes in Bensonhurst are usually made from stone, stucco, and brick with aluminum siding. Since many of the homes that have been around for ninety years are being torn down, it’s more likely that you’ll see them replaced with “Fedder’s Houses”, or three story apartments buildings made of brick. These apartments are well known for their air conditioner sleeves.

Bensonhurst Real Estate

Considering the information above, Bensonhurst is a wonderful area to dip your feet into. Other notable landmarks in the Bensonhurst area include:

  • Milestone Park – Where a replica of the oldest sandstone mile marker resides.
  • Lenny’s Pizza – Of Saturday Night Fever fame.
  • Magen David Synagogue

The historical and culturally diverse area of Bensonhurst is one of the few reasonably priced areas to live in New York City… which gives one more the reason to look into property before it’s gone in a New York minute.