5 Best Hangout Spots as Seen on HBO’s Girls

The HBO series “Girls” is one a few television shows that gives outsiders a view of what life is like in New York City. Although other shows have showcased areas like Manhattan and Queens, Girls focuses on Brooklyn. The show delves into what life is like on a limited income in the borough. And although it’s just a TV series, it features many real locations. Here’s a closer look at some of those places.

1. Cafe Grumpy

At the beginning of the series, Hannah (played by Lena Dunham)gets a job at Cafe Grumpy. From then on, the cafe is an important part of the show. There are many scenes shot at the cafe, and it’s a common thread throughout the series. Ray (played by Alex Karpovsky) is a barista at the cafe who becomes a key character in Girls.

The cafe has multiple locations, but the original location is in Greenpoint- Hannah’s neighborhood. The quirky cafe is much like the one you see on the show. Young New Yorkers sit at computers typing away, and friends gather over a cup of coffee. Since the show, the cafe has become extremely popular. Tour buses often use the cafe as a highlight of the tour, and the cafe fills up quickly.

2. Warwick New York Hotel

The Warwick hotel was a significant location in the show’s pilot episode. Hannah’s parents come to town and explain that they will be cutting off her funds. Shocked and concerned, Hannah goes to her parents’ room at the Warwick and tries to change their mind. But Hannah passes out in the middle of her argument, and she’s eventually left to fend for herself. The hotel was the perfect setting for the scene because it was an example of where Hannah came from. Her family had money- and lots of it.

In reality, the hotel is similar to how it appeared in the show and doesn’t disappoint. Originally built in 1926, it has since been a place for celebrities and a place for those with a taste for elegance. The Beatles stayed at the Warwick when they went on tour in the US. Afterward, many other celebrities followed suit. Located in mid-town Manhattan, the neighborhood is much different from the one Hannah lives in.

3. The High Line

The High Line is only briefly mentioned in the show, but it’s unique enough that it deserves to make it on this list. When Marnie meets Booth at a gallery opening, the couple decides to walk on the High Line. The park is closed, but there is a romantic scene on the steps.

The High Line is a park is on an elevated railroad track. Landscaped with lush plants and trees, the path is a popular tourist destination. In addition to the vegetation, there are many breathtaking vistas. Had Marnie and Booth arrived a little earlier, they would have had one memorable, romantic experience. If you go, you should also get there earlier than them. Because on TV and in person, the park closes early in the winter.

4. Baby Cakes NYC

It wouldn’t be a fair portrayal of New York City without a bakery. When Shoshanna unexpectedly meets an old friend, she sits with him on the steps of Baby Cakes. The two friends talk and make plans on bakery steps, and it’s no wonder they chose those steps to sit on.

Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Baby Cakes is a real bakery that gives customers plenty of reasons to hang out. The bakery was created to give people with food sensitivities something sweet and safe to eat. They have delicious vegan and gluten-free offerings, and they have developed a cult-like fan base. Even celebrities love the bakery; Alicia Silverstone, Jason Schwartzman, and Zach Galifianakis frequent Baby Cakes.

5. The Foundry

In one episode, Jessa sends a text to her friends and asks them to come to a party. She describes it as the most significant party of her life. And it wasn’t an exaggeration. When her friends show up to the location she provided, they found themselves at the Foundry, celebrating her wedding.

It’s not only TV characters who get married at the Foundry. It’s become a popular wedding destination for many New Yorkers. Located in Long Island City, the building used to be a factory and metal foundry. Celebrity marriages are common in the Foundry, like the wedding of actress Patina Miller (from “Hunger Games”) and David Mars. Other celebrities use it for events, like Kanye West. No matter the type of event, the setting makes for a memorable night.

Inspired by the Characters on Girls?

Has HBO’s “Girls” inspired you to move to Brooklyn? You’re not the first person to feel that way. Brooklyn does have a lot to offer. You might find yourself as in love with the borough as you were with the show. If you want to find real estate in Brooklyn, check out some real estate listings.