Sunset Park

Sunset Park is a thriving neighborhood that’s home to more than 126,000 residents. Tucked between Greenwood, Bay Ridge and Borough Park, this area offers scenic views of the NYC skyline and the waters of Upper Bay. Sunset Park Real Estate and the amenities available in this neighborhood have been attracting a diverse crowd for the past several years.

Types of Homes in Sunset Park

Sunset Park includes a variety of residential property types. From small apartment buildings to single-family brownstones, those looking to move to this neighborhood have plenty of options to consider. There are also a few condominium complexes in the area, although brownstone buildings and apartment buildings are more numerous. Sunset Park also has charming row houses with brick exteriors, as well as older industrial buildings that are now made up of converted lofts. Many of the lofts are found along the waterfront, while the inland sections of the neighborhood mainly have brownstones, row houses and smaller apartment buildings.

Home Sizes in the Sunset Park Real Estate Market

Homes in the Sunset Park Real Estate market offer something for any type of living arrangement. Families with multiple children can find single-family brownstones with three or four bedrooms, which provide spacious living space. Some of these have three or even four stories, giving larger families plenty of space to spread out. Professionals, artists and others who are living on their own can find several one or two-bedroom apartments, condos and town homes to choose from. These offer smaller, cozier living spaces that are well-suited for those who don’t need a roomy interior.

Sunset Park Locations

Sunset Park offers convenient locations throughout the neighborhood. Its northeastern border provides easy access to nearby Greenwood Heights, Prospect Park and Park Slope, while those living in the southern part of the neighborhood can easily reach Bay Ridge. Sunset Park’s northwestern border offers scenic views of the Upper Bay area, while its southwestern edge gives residents a quick way to get to Manhattan via the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Amenities Near Sunset Park Real Estate

Sunset Park has a neighborhood park of the same name, which features amazing views of Manhattan’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty, as well as nearby Staten Island. Visitors can go swimming in the park’s pool, play sand volleyball or participate in activities and events at the recreation center. Sunset Park also has another local park, Bush Terminal Park, which is a quieter place to enjoy the outdoors. Visitors can stroll along the waterfront and take in views of the wetlands and tide ponds. The neighborhood’s Chinatown section, mainly found along 8th Avenue, offers residents a number of restaurants, shops and other ethnic places to go to.