Day #3 of 12 Days of Brooklyn
The Brooklyn Museum is the 2nd largest art museum in NY. Come visit their fascinating ancient Egyptian art. The first Saturday of every month, the museum throws open its doors for free entry and hosts a party featuring art, music, dancing, food and drinks. But one of the best things about this museum actually does not even involve going inside. The museum offers The Jane and David Walentas Fountain has outdoor staircases, and dispays water in a rhythmic motion.

Day #2 of the 12 Days of Brooklyn
Prospect Park:
This 585-acre has it all! Known for the last forest in Brooklyn, it also offers meadows, a lake, and recreational activities. Activities include bike riding along the trails, boating on the lake, and various sports fields/courts. They also have a zoo, an area to feed barnyard animals. Ice-skating and roller-skating are also available. During the warmer months, you can enjoy a variety of live music and concerts.

12 Days of Brooklyn

Tis the Season where the weather gets slightly colder and we embrace the warmth of family and friends. We want to get into the holiday season by providing you with 12 Days of Brooklyn. We will let you know 12 amazing things about Brooklyn (even though we know there is so much more). We would love for your feedback as well.

#1 Days of Brooklyn: Dyker Heights

We will dive right in with the beautiful Dyker Heights. We know it’s great all year long, however, this time of year it’s exceptional. Come explore all the holiday lights this season.

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A quiet enclave, framed by lush and beautiful Prospect Park and the historical Green-Wood Cemetery, Windsor Terrace real estate is popular with young families, singles, and couples just starting out. Known for its hilly terrain, cultural diversity, terrific shopping and high-achieving schools, it’s no wonder that Windsor Terrace real estate is booming. Here are some of the reasons why.

Great Neighbors Make a Great Neighborhood

A stroll through Windsor Terrace yields views of beautiful, well-tended front lawns, graceful, tree-lined streets, well-kept houses and art deco-inspired buildings. Filled with pro-active, savvy residents, Windsor Terrace real estate is ear-marked by community-oriented people who take pride in their homes and are willing to make a terrific neighborhood even better.

A Family-Friendly Location

Peppered with high-scoring public schools, interesting parks, well-maintained playgrounds and a friendly library, Windsor Terrace is a terrific, child-friendly place to live in. Prospect Park, the ultimate playground, houses an antique carousel, interactive zoo, two children’s museums and multiple, themed playgrounds, where concerts and special events for children abound, year round. There’s also a movie theatre, child-friendly restaurants and a horse stable.

Windsor Terrace Real Estate Infrastructure and Transportation

Windsor Terrace may be a walker’s paradise, but it’s also conveniently accessible by the F and G subway lines. Windsor Terrace is also crisscrossed by multiple bus routes and the Command Bus Line, which goes into Manhattan. Street parking and private parking lots also abound and many homes have their own garages.

Grocery Stores and Shopping in Windsor Terrace

Grocery stores, delis, produce markets, organic food shops and two thriving farmer’s markets, plus many pharmacies and specialty stores dot the landscape. The atmospheric, main shopping street, located along Prospect Park West, is known for charming, cobblestone streets and old-fashioned, gas-style street lamps.

Windsor Terrace real estate includes a wide range of eclectic restaurants, shops and upscale bars. Another, up-and-coming shopping area along Prospect Avenue is home to several early childhood learning centers and a number of trendy and interesting eateries and stores.

Places of Worship in Windsor Terrace

The neighborhood, heralded for friendly diversity, maintains several historic churches and synagogues, including Immaculate Heart of Mary, Church of the Holy Apostles, Chabad Windsor Terrace and Calvary Cathedral of Praise.

Windsor Terrace Real Estate

Windsor Terrace real estate is as diverse as its population. Filled with pre-war town houses and genteel private homes, Windsor Terrace real estate embodies unending examples of old-world charm, coupled with modern conveniences. High ceilings, intricate, handcrafted woodwork, wainscoting and fireplaces with their original mantels intact are not uncommon.

A lovely area to live in, Windsor Terrace real estate embodies everything wonderful that Brooklyn has to offer, from beautiful homes to easy living and fascinating people.

Sunset Park is a thriving neighborhood that’s home to more than 126,000 residents. Tucked between Greenwood, Bay Ridge and Borough Park, this area offers scenic views of the NYC skyline and the waters of Upper Bay. Sunset Park Real Estate and the amenities available in this neighborhood have been attracting a diverse crowd for the past several years.

Types of Homes in Sunset Park

Sunset Park includes a variety of residential property types. From small apartment buildings to single-family brownstones, those looking to move to this neighborhood have plenty of options to consider. There are also a few condominium complexes in the area, although brownstone buildings and apartment buildings are more numerous. Sunset Park also has charming row houses with brick exteriors, as well as older industrial buildings that are now made up of converted lofts. Many of the lofts are found along the waterfront, while the inland sections of the neighborhood mainly have brownstones, row houses and smaller apartment buildings.

Home Sizes in the Sunset Park Real Estate Market

Homes in the Sunset Park Real Estate market offer something for any type of living arrangement. Families with multiple children can find single-family brownstones with three or four bedrooms, which provide spacious living space. Some of these have three or even four stories, giving larger families plenty of space to spread out. Professionals, artists and others who are living on their own can find several one or two-bedroom apartments, condos and town homes to choose from. These offer smaller, cozier living spaces that are well-suited for those who don’t need a roomy interior.

Sunset Park Locations

Sunset Park offers convenient locations throughout the neighborhood. Its northeastern border provides easy access to nearby Greenwood Heights, Prospect Park and Park Slope, while those living in the southern part of the neighborhood can easily reach Bay Ridge. Sunset Park’s northwestern border offers scenic views of the Upper Bay area, while its southwestern edge gives residents a quick way to get to Manhattan via the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Amenities Near Sunset Park Real Estate

Sunset Park has a neighborhood park of the same name, which features amazing views of Manhattan’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty, as well as nearby Staten Island. Visitors can go swimming in the park’s pool, play sand volleyball or participate in activities and events at the recreation center. Sunset Park also has another local park, Bush Terminal Park, which is a quieter place to enjoy the outdoors. Visitors can stroll along the waterfront and take in views of the wetlands and tide ponds. The neighborhood’s Chinatown section, mainly found along 8th Avenue, offers residents a number of restaurants, shops and other ethnic places to go to.

Sheepshead, Brooklyn, is a neighborhood that sits just north of Sheepshead Bay, which separates the main part of the borough from Coney Island. This diverse neighborhood features a mix of long-time residents and more recent immigrants. Sheepshead Bay’s waterfront, stores, restaurants and small businesses give the neighborhood’s more than 123,000 residents plenty to see and do.

Types of Sheepshead Bay Real Estate

Sheepshead has a mix of single-family homes, townhomes, small apartment buildings and apartment complexes. There aren’t many single-family homes in the neighborhood, but there are many townhomes and apartments around. Those looking for real estate in Brooklyn that offers a bit of quiet while still being close to midtown Manhattan can find a wide range of apartments and townhomes to choose from. Most of these properties were built between 1940 and 1969, although some are even older. There are also a few newer properties around the neighborhood.

Home Sizes in Sheepshead Bay Real Estate

The sizes of homes in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood range from one-bedroom properties to those that offer five or more bedrooms. Most of the homes in this neighborhood offer one to two bedrooms, and just over one-third offer three to four bedrooms for those who need extra space or additional rooms for kids or roommates. A small number of homes have at least five bedrooms for larger families. Those who need apartments in Brooklyn will typically find one- or two-bedroom units available, but there are more spacious ones around.

Things to Do in Sheepshead, Brooklyn

Sheepshead offers several amenities and attractions for residents to enjoy. Stores and dining establishments can be found along Sheepshead Bay Rd., Emmons Ave., Norstrand Ave. and Ocean Ave. Along Emmons Ave., residents can take in waterfront views, go fishing on piers or cruise around on the water in boats. Marine Park and the New York Aquarium are also just minutes away from the neighborhood.

Practical Living in Sheepshead Bay Real Estate

Sheepshead Bay Real Estate offers several ways for residents to get to other parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan and other boroughs. Subway stations in this neighborhood include the B and Q to Sheepshead Bay, the Q to Neck Rd., the Q to Ave. U and the B and Q to Kings Hwy. Local MTA buses that travel from Sheepshead to other areas include the BM3, B4 and B36. Those who plan on driving from their Brooklyn real property have easy access to the Belt Pkwy. and Ocean Pkwy. For families looking for Sheepshead real estate, there are a number of schools in and around the neighborhood, including Sheepshead Bay High School, P.S. 52, the Bay Academy and P.S. 254. Kingsborough Community College is also close to Sheepshead.